• "Significant incident"

    Memorandum 20-231

    What is a "Significant Incident"?

    A Significant Incident is identified on the fire record. The definition of a Significant Incident includes the following:

    • Any working fire where a master stream or an attack line 1¾ or greater was deployed.

    • Any working fire, HazMat, or suppression incident involving

    o Firefighter or civilian fatalities

    o Firefighter or civilian injuries or EMS transports from the scene

    o A May Day, near miss, or close call

    o Rescue of firefighters or civilians from a structure

    • Any rescue or high priority EMS incident involving

    o Extrication

    o Water rescue

    o High-angle, confined space, trench, or other unstable environment rescue

    o HazMat or IDLH environment rescue

    • HazMat calls where entry was made into an IDLH environment.

    • A fire, rescue, or HazMat call involving deployment of specialized equipment, such as watercraft, airbags, booms, drones, etc.

    • Medical interventions performed, without which, loss of life would have likely occurred.

    • Significant property damage and where HFD salvaged property.

    • Other HFD actions deemed by the Incident Commander to have demonstrated an outstanding performance of the mission to protect lives and property.